Incorporated in 1988, Eurostruct Inc. is a leading construction company in New York City. Our diversity of completed project types demonstrates our depth and strength as a firm. We have built a wide range of new construction and remodeling projects for schools, non-profit organizations, offices, sound studios, art galleries and high-end residential buildings. For two decades, Eurostruct’s client base, market competition power and sales have grown steadily.

Currently Eurostruct employs a total of one hundred and thirty employees, including six members in the management and professional team at our Brooklyn head quarters, nine project managers, two architecture workshop managers, one masonry crew manager, six site supervisors, three dump truck drivers, and over one hundred construction workers on various sites.

Our in-house staff provides management, supervision, carpentry, millwork and cabinetry, masonry and labor. All other work is subcontracted under careful supervision. Our primary subcontractors have worked with us for many years, some from the inception of our company.

As you will see from the list of projects, we have many clients and architects with whom we have had long standing relationships. We are proud of this track record and invite you to contact them for references.