Eurostruct Construction – Brooklyn Heights Montessori School


Project: Brooklyn Heights Montessori School

Address: 185 Court Street

Architect: Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

Gross SF: 19500

Int SF: 18000

# of Floors: 3

Construction Year: 2010

Structure: Existing building, modified ex’g Firehouse

Finish: Incorporation of Firehouse building into the school building, main school building renovation

Description: The busy Brooklyn Heights private school was expanded by connecting a previous firehouse to the existing main building. The job was completed in two phases. In order to convert the usage of the firehouse building, substantial structural modification was commenced in the first phase which included, underpinning, new columns and beams, new slabs and stair.. The second phase was mainly the renovation of three floors at existing school building during the summer break. The project was well coordinated and built beautifully. It was delivered to client within the construction schedule.


Project details
  • Client: Brooklyn Heights Montessori School

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