Eurostruct Construction – Rodeph Sholom School


Project: Rodepth Sholom School

Address: 163 West 78th Street

Architect: Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

Gross SF: 12500

# of Floors: 8

Construction Year: 2009

Structure: Existing building upgrade

Finish: Rear façade re-built, new glass curtain wall at rear facade, rebuilt floors and stairs , enlargement of ex’g gym, classrooms upgrade, roof top addition

Description: The 12,000 SF construction for an upper west side private school consist of significant structural scope and complete interior finishes. The building was extended to the end of existing rear yard to enlarge the adjacent gym and to provide a 330 SF roof terrace. Three floor structures are replaced with new at different elevations in order to squeeze out an additional space for the 5th floor. 12 new masonry openings were cut for new doors on party wall to access the next door school building. In order to support new gym extension, foundation underpins, CIP concrete footings, grade beams and piers were installed. A 45’x8′ steel truss was installed to support gym roof. All classroom interiors and gym floors were constructed.


Project details
  • Client: Rodeph Sholom School

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